Top 6 Home Security Apps For Your Home

We all know the world of home automation is closely linked to that of home security. In either world, mobile applications are making the job easier so that you can control your home environment remotely. Whether it’s light switches, blinds control or a nanny Cam, mobile applications exist in order to make sure you have complete control at all times.

These applications ensure your personal safety as well as your home’s safety and some even come with home security systems. But really, the best part of making home security automatic is that you can really take it into your own hands. You don’t have to rely on any other people, and therefore can do without the consequences of human error.

Most home security mobile applications offer similar features, but customer satisfaction varies. This largely depends on the complexity of the system and the support provided by the company. It would be best to really do your research about each company in order to understand whether it is the right application for you.

Furthermore, all home security mobile applications need to be linked with the home security system already present in the house. For this very reason, several home security companies offer their own applications.

  1., Free
  2. With numerous attractive features and compatible with several home security systems, is generally considered to be the best among the lot. Various features include locking/unlocking doors, controlling lights/thermostat, searching event history, alerts from flood sensors, arming/disarming security system, etc.

  3. iSentry, Free
  4. This is a rather unusual home security mobile application- rather than linking to your existing home security system, iSentry lets you use your computer’s web camera as a surveillance camera. The disadvantages are obvious for people who want to survey every room, but for those looking to keep an eye on an errant pet, or on a new nanny, this isn’t a bad solution. The app lets you livestream content from the room your computer is situated in on to your smartphone, and lets you take screenshots of activity.

  5. Alfred, Free
  6. Alfred does not need to be linked to any existing home security system either, as it is for the purpose of turning mobile cameras into surveillance cameras. Rather like a faithful butler, the app will send you notifications if any movement is detected by the motion sensors of the smartphone you’ve left behind. These notifications will come in the form of screenshots, and one tap can take you to a livestream. Furthermore, the user interface is intuitive and set up is easy so it’s free of hassle.

  7. Presence, Free
  8. Presence combines the functionality of Alfred and iSentry. Like iSentry, Presence turns old smartphones into surveillance cameras. Like Alfred, the app has motion sensor capabilities and will send you screenshots if it detects movement. Additionally, it can also trigger alarms if motion is detected. You’ll have to adjust the settings for whatever outcome you’d prefer.

  9. iCam, $4.99
  10. For the family, iCam lets you set up a network of cameras tuned into one live feed. You can connect up to 12 devices at one time (or 16 in the case of iPads) and stream them all at the same time. Furthermore, the iCamSource (a computer application) can be used to stream video to your smartphone. It’s like Presence, except with more devices.

  11. Video Monitor, Free
  12. This application has a lot more features than the others on the list. Not only does it support live streaming to and from smartphones, it also has motion sensor capabilities and real-time GPS tracking. This is ideal in situations involving auto theft. The app even works in the background in order to conserve battery.

    All the above are great secuirty systems to safeguard your home. However, they are rather complicated and require a considerable amount of effort to set up. CBELL on the other hand is a simple product that allows you to monitor your front door with your phone. Simply remove your existing door bell and insert the CBELL device and thats it! You can view your front door, talk to whoever is at your door from anywhere at anytime through the companion Application. For those looking to take the first step towards a smarter and safer home, there is no product quite like CBELL.