A day well spent with CBELL

Time: 0500 hours.

Hello world. I am awake and on guard.

Time: 0600 hours

The neighbourhood is waking up around me. My proximity sensors register presence. I get ready to broadcast this information to the presence inside. False alarm however; the presence moves past my watch post and onto the next. This happens seven times.

Time: 0630 hours

Next, it is the non human companion that triggers my senses. It scratches at the door. I unlock the door and let it out. It spends approximately 10 minutes outside the door engaging in light hearted frivolity. I unlock the door and it comes back inside.

Time: 0700 hours.

A presence comes by. The presence places paper on the ground, rings the bell and then retreats from the doorway. I do not unlock the doors till the presence inside authorises such an undertaking. The presence picks up the paper on the ground and goes inside.

Time: 0800 hours

I unlock the door as I am ordered to do. The presence on the outside places several bags of liquid on the floor. The presence on the inside receives the bags. I close the door behind the presence who brought the bags.

Time: 0830 hours

The presence(s) on the inside come toward me. One of them has switched my alarm on. They leave and my alarm and broadcast are live.

Time: 1030 hours

The non human companion is trying to leave the house. I am not authorised to open the door when my alarm is on. I do not unlock the door.

Time: 1300 hours

A presence approaches me. The presence rummages in their bags for an unknown object. They appear distressed that they have not found it. They take out their hand-held smart device. I am now authorised to open the door. I do so.

Time: 1500 hours

A presence approaches. They try the door handle and find it locked. As my sensors have been triggered, I begin broadcasting the live feed. An external authority deems the signature a threat. My alarm has been tripped. I turn the alarm on. The presence appears angry but leaves.

Time: 1700 hours

Presence approaches. They are authorised to enter. I unlock the door.

Time: 1800 hours

Door is unlocked. Presence(s) leave. Home is empty except for non-Human companion.

Time: 1930 hours

The presence from 1500 hours approaches again. Alarm blares and I contact the nearest law enforcement agency. They arrive within 0.5 hours. The presence I s forcibly ejected from the premises.

Time: 2100 hours

Authorised presence(s) return.

Time: 0100 hours (the next day)

All is quiet. There is no presence nearby except for those that are on the inside. There are several non-human companions outside. The external agency that I broadcast to is monitoring nonetheless.

As you can see from the above, CBELL works day in and day out to keep you safe and to minimise inefficiencies. It works quietly in the background, in conjunction with a private security firm, to make sure you never have to deal with aggravation like forgetting your keys or a potentially dangerous person.