CBELL website launch announcement

Silvan is proud to present a new website for one of our most cutting-edge products; CBELL. After months of hard work, we have finally got an entire website dedicated to our exciting and innovating creation.

The website’s design is streamlined and uncluttered, as well as easy to navigate. We wanted to give prospective and current clients an unfettered view of CBELL, as well as an easy way to reach out to us. The website is divided into five sections, each addressing every possible requirement a client could have.

The Features section lays out the purpose and the operation of CBELL. It addresses the most important question: Why CBELL? And answers it succinctly. It also includes various aspects of the product that clients should consider when making the decision to join the CBELL family. We at Silvan believe that it is important that our clients should know what they are buying, and this section lays it all out for them. As a plus, any client who wishes to get to know CBELL and Silvan products better can now sign up for our newsletter directly through this website.

The Screenshots section includes pictures actually taken by CBELL. Prospective clients will be able to see how exactly CBELL works. It also showcases the experience that our clients will receive on their Android/iOS devices. We at Silvan understand the importance of our clients’ safety concerns, and we hope to eliminate them through these screenshots.

Our up and coming blog will include any and all updates on CBELL, as well as technological information we believe our clients would find interesting. For example: Silvan is changing the face of homes in India and we’d like to keep our clients, or anyone else interested, updated on our progress. We would also like to hear feedback on our blog posts. We want to know how people respond to technology in the 21st Century because in order to provide customized smart solutions, it’s important to know what our people are thinking.

The Contact Section is where anyone interesting in learning more about CBELL, or wanting a demo, can leave their information. We at Silvan are eager to help. Whoever decides to leave their information will be contacted very soon by one of our assistants.

Finally, the FAQ section addresses a number of questions clients are likely to have. These include the following divisions: Product and Features, Installation, Troubleshooting, Networking and Configuration and Use. We have included a number of questions clients are likely to ask in the hopes that this will clarify the use and workings of CBELL.

We wanted to give clients a better understanding of CBELL, as well as give ourselves an opportunity to interact with those interested. We hope to build a reliable network of clients through CBELL, and this website was designed with that hope in mind. We at Silvan believe that CBELL is just one more way we can shape the future of smart housing, and we hope that our clients will believe the same after browsing through the website.