CBELL - Internet Enabled Video Door Bell


Smarter Doors, Safer Homes

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Why do you choose CBELL?

CBELL is an app based Wi-Fi video door bell which enables security measures for you to monitor
and secure your home door

Video doorbell that connects to your smart phone through the Wi-Fi

Motion sensor surveillance can provide video alerts if someone is near your door

Easy to set up, retrofit product that you can install yourself!

Unlock your door remotely with the CBELL App

iOS and Android Apps available for multiple smart devices

Affordable solution for the safety & security of your home

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Easy to Use with Ergonomic Design

  • High Quality Internal Camera
    Hidden 4pcs IR LED, night vision up to 10 meters. Wide-angle lens, f = 2.5mm, view angle 135˚

  • Durable Plastic Housing
    Transparent PC plastic material. ABS plastic, works in a variety of environments.

  • Two Way Communication
    CBELL button, one touch to call the smart device. Built in speaker for clear sound.

  • Water and dust proof - IP 66 Rating
    This is completely waterproof and dust repellent


CBELL Accessories


  • An Indoor Chime which works on Radio frequency (RF).
  • It requires 5 Ampere, 230 Volts AC supply to work.


  • It is used to extend the RF signal strength between CBell and Chime.


  • It protects the lens of the camera on CBell from direct sunlight or any drastic weather conditions.


  • It helps in mounting the CBELL.
  • Converts AC to DC power supply.

Latest News from CBELL

Ringing a New Revolution

Gone are the days when you would have to get up every time you hear your door bell ring and rush to open the door with absolutely no idea about your visitor.

A day well spent with CBELL

Time: 0500 hours. Hello world. I am awake and on guard. Time: 0600 hours. The neighbourhood is waking up around me. My proximity sensors register...

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CBELL in your daily lives

Want to see how CBELL can help you lead a more convenient yet secure life? See below how CBELL's amazing features can benefit you!


Never miss another delivery. CBELL will connect you to the delivery boy so you can see, hear and speak with him from wherever you are.


Your child reaches home but you're stuck in traffic? Use CBELL's remote unlock feature to open your front door for him while sitting in your car.


No more surprise visits! With the CBELL camera and microphone, you will always know who is at the front door with just your smart phone.


Worried about burglars breaking in at night? CBELL's motion sensor and night vision detects anyone outside your front door and triggers a video alert to inform you.

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