Smart Phones and Smart Homes

The world of private security is complicated. How does one know whom to trust? Safety is not a luxury, it is a necessity. So no one should have to entrust their safety to others. Safety and security should be a personal matter.  Technological advancement has made it easier for police and law enforcement to carry out their jobs, but it also has made it easier for the regular citizen to protect themselves as well.

There are many devices that can ensure one’s safety, such as GPS tracking. There are mobile applications which allow for sending notifications to selected contacts when a certain button is pressed. Another example: most home alarm systems can be activated from smartphones and video from CCTV systems can be streamed onto laptops and smartphones. These are deep waters, and while selecting products and applications it is important to tread carefully.

Smartphones are therefore changing the face of personal safety and security. Most home security companies are finding ways to integrate them with their own devices as many features of smartphones prove helpful. Smartphones have sophisticated tracking systems, cameras and microphones. Some of the higher-end ones even have motion sensors.

So which systems are available and how do they work?

Well, there are hundreds of home security systems out there. Each one is different in its own way because every home is different and therefore requires differing levels and methods of protection.

As mentioned before, home security systems these days can link to smartphones. This lets owners know what is happening in their homes even when they are not at home. For example, owners can turn the system on and off remotely. Several systems even allow for their owners to adjust settings and look at energy usage. The right choice ultimately depends on what you are looking for. These are all good, inexpensive ways to protect one’s own home.

Similarly, CBELL protects your home from the outside. A compact device that can be fit into the usual slot for a doorbell, it allows you to screen all activity happening outside. Footage is streamed live to smart devices linked to the CBELL.

With CBELL, you will never feel apprehensive about answering the door, or about leaving your house. CBELL will make sure that you know what is happening around your house at all times of the day.

Finally, there are so many opportunities and ways to secure your home from your smartphone. It is ultimately your decision how to do so but it is imperative to acknowledge the importance of home security systems.