Configuration Video:

Q: What has to be done if CBELL unit is not entering into the configuration mode?
Ans: First check for these three things:
1. In the app, ‘Configuration mode’ should be ON.
2. Blue light should blink continuously.
3. Check whether the CBELL Wi-Fi hotspot is listed under the Wi-Fi settings in the mobile device.
If blue light is not blinking continuously then restart the CBELL and check again.
Q: During the network configuration mode, what happens if configuration can’t be completed within 5 mins?
Ans: The CBELL exits from the configuration mode and hotspot will be disconnected. Please do a long press for 10 sec to enter into configuration mode and ensure the configuration is completed within 5 mins.
Q: Should the CBELL unit be reconfigured each time it reboots due to power failure?
Ans: No.
Q: What will happen if power goes off and comes back?
Ans: The CBELL reboots, but the CBELL configuration remains in tact.
Q: How many types of users can we have in CBELL?
Ans: Admin and Child users are the 2 types of users present in the CBELL.
Q: How many users can be added to one CBELL unit?
Ans: I guess this should be 5 users as mentioned in FAQ’s under product.
Q: What are the privileges of Admin user?
Ans: Admin can,
1. Add or delete child users.
2. Enable or disable configuration mode.
Q: Will the admin be able to change the password of child users?
Ans: No.
Q: Will the child user be able to add/delete other users?
Ans: No.
Q: Can the login credentials of admin user be modified?
Ans: Yes.
Q: Can the login credentials of child users be modified?
Ans: Yes.
Q: What will happen if admin forgets the password?
Ans: Then we have to reset and reconfigure the CBELL unit.
Q: If the admin deletes CBELL from the app or uninstalls the CBELL app, then will it affect the child users?
Ans: This will not affect the child users from accessing the CBELL.
Q: What happens if a child user forgets login credentials?
Ans: Then admin should delete that user and add the same user with new credentials.