7 Tips on How to Improve Home Security

Everyone worries about how to stay safe in a world in which crime is increasingly common. With the advent of technology it’s become much easier for thieves and lowlifes to break in to your home. However, this has had the requisite effect of making it easier to thwart such people from entering your home as well. Home automation is a big step towards improving home security as CCTV surveillance and motion sensor alarms makes it very difficult for criminals to wreak havoc. But everything could do with a little improving, especially when it comes to your home’s security.

  1. Installing a Home Security System
  2. This may seem rather redundant advice but it is important. For those who may be intimidated by the potential cost, don’t be. There are plenty of affordable home security systems and they have pretty savvy tech too. Automated home security is no longer the domain of the rich. Furthermore, with the advent of smart phones and other hand held smart devices, you can control your own home security with your phone.

  3. Turn your webcam into a security camera
  4. Plenty of apps let you turn your old PC or laptop webcam into a security camera. They let you live stream events straight to your phone so you’ll never miss a second. Some of the apps come with motion sensor capabilities so don’t worry if your webcam is old. If you’ve got an old smartphone left around you might consider doing the same. You can take screenshots too and show them to the relevant authorities if you want to press charges. On a lighter note, if you’ve got a pet you can make sure they don’t break into the stash of pet snacks.

  5. Window shades
  6. Using window shades will make it difficult for potential criminals to discern whether your house is occupied or not. You should think about using the kind that lets light in during the day so that they don’t realize it’s a trick.

  7. Secure your router
  8. If you are using a home security system, then make sure your wireless network connections are password protected. Many people just use the default password which makes it easier for hackers. Change the password to something difficult, and make sure you have the benefit of WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access).

  9. Invest in a smart lock
  10. While it’s great to have a home security system and other technical support, it’s important that your lock doesn’t make your house an easy target. There are many varieties of smart locks- the higher range come with fingerprint sensors- but a number keypad should do nicely.

  11. Update your applications
  12. Security systems are often aware of threats from hackers and update their applications in order to forestall attacks. In addition, updates may be made with regard to your convenience, so remember to update your security applications.

  13. Change Your Passwords Regularly
  14. While it may be easier to remember your daughter’s birthday, or your anniversary, this knowledge is easy to access for most home invaders. So pick something difficult and make sure you keep changing it.

While the tips above will certainly help, it’s important to remember your door is your biggest security weakness. CBELL is a smart solution for your home security troubles. Clever and easy to use, CBELL provides the kind of security every house needs. You can keep an eye out for your surroundings remotely, and you won’t feel nervous answering the door at night because you’ll know who will be standing there. CBELL also allows you to keep logs so you can go back and search for something if required. CBELL is also inexpensive and the app is free of charge. Use them together to ensure your family’s safety and security!