Ringing a New Revolution

Gone are the days when you would have to get up every time you hear your door bell ring and rush to open the door with absolutely no idea about your visitor. With the advancement of technology, most commonly known as ‘Internet of Things’, your doorbell is not just a doorbell anymore.

Imagine yourself sitting at the couch watching your favorite TV show with loud volume and you fail to notice a burglar creeping his way inside your house. In a normal scenario, this could have led to a theft, injury. But with Silvan’s Cbell, you would instantly get a video alert if there is any person near the door. Because of its motion sensor features. It connects with your smartphone through Wi-Fi, which allows you to see your visitor and unlock the home without you moving from your place.

Cbell is a new age Wi-Fi enabled doorbell, which not only comes with an ergonomic design but also has high quality internal camera to keep an eye on the visitors. Cbell is water and dust proof and is made using durable plastic, which makes it durable and long lasting. Its two way communication features offers communication with clearer sound.

Cbell lets you get a peaceful goodnight’s sleep as it guards your home in the best possible way and informs you about any abnormal activity that happens within the vicinity of your doors. Cbell offers a CCTV surveillance feature, so you don’t need to install a separate CCTV camera at your entrance. With increasing crimes and thefts in our vicinity, you need an automated security bell, which not only keep an eye on security for you, but raise an alarm whenever there is a breach of security.

Taking in consideration all these features, one might assume Cbell to be as a high end product. Silvan takes pride in introducing Cbell as not just tech savvy but also a doorbell which is easily affordable by average income groups.

Silvan is consciously putting efforts in changing the face of traditional doorbells, through Cbell, which not only lets you flaunt your lifestyle but also provides ease of use and security to your homes.