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Smart spaces for enhanced efficiency

Our automation solutions are designed to meet the operational and energy management needs of large and small scale enterprises.

Time and team size tested solutions offer easy scalability adaptable to a range of organizations

Modular solutions allow us to customize solutions based on individual organization’s needs

Advanced technology platform make our solutions simple and easy to use across mobile and AI platforms.

Seamless energy saving

Our Lumos NRG load control module helps your organization optimise the use of loads such as lights and Air conditioners in your office premises. An intelligent solution designed to make seamless energy saving a reality, Lumos NRG allows for:

1. Dual mode operations – sensor based & controlled.
2. Programmable phasing of loads
3. Distributed IoT nodes with built in intelligence
4. Customizable profiling & scheduling
5. Cloud-powered control with minimal dependence on
the internet

Power your office with automated solutions

We build intelligent, IoT-based lighting automation solutions to optimize the use of light at your workspace. These Cloud-enabled IFTTT-based solutions are engineered, keeping in mind three key elements — number of people in the room, the kind of space, (i.e. lobby, conference room, toilet, etc.) and time of day.

Keep your conferences a notch above

Our conference room automation solutions puts all relevant controls in your hand — managed from one easy to use interface.

Through a single intuitive interface, you can gain control of all aspects of your conference room: From projector controls to lighting, air-conditioner, TV and blinds — all managed from an easy and highly useful interface.  What’s more? We have made setting this system up easy and pain free.

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