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SECURE is the eyes & ears to your home

Our mobile home security system lets you keep an eye on all aspects of your home remotely so you can always be in peace.

This sleek, compact yet heavy duty security device is a fusion of great engineering and design.

Make your home the safest in the block: conveniently, effortlessly and wirelessly.

With remote maintenance, the health of your SECURE system is continuously monitored.

Easy, intuitive and as secure as Switzerland

SECURE installs and operates quick and easy – it connects to the provided sensors and your home internet network through Wi-Fi, and there is no need for any additional wiring. Did we say it is secure as well?
And with a whole slew of features:
1. Easy To Install
2. App enabled, works on the phones of all your family members
3. Multiple Sensor Support, including: doors, windows, movement, glass break and safety sensors.
4. Links cameras with sensors
5. Multiple User Support

An App that makes it all easy

Using SECURE couldn’t be simpler. Set up the device with security sensors in your home and get alerts on the SECURE App as soon as any sensor is triggered. All selected sensors can connect and communicate activity through the simple to use app. What’s more? It is so easy that you can download, connect and start using all the sensors and the SECURE home security system all by yourself.

Our elegant sensors sense a lot of things

Our connected sensors sense a lot of harmful and dangerous activity to keep you safe all day, all night so you are fully protected. Here’s a list of connected sensors you could get with our system:

– Door
– Window
– Movement
– Glass Break
– Gas Leak
– Smoke
– Panic button
It is as comprehensive as it gets so you don’t have to worry, and can be in peace.

We are here to Help!

Our mission is to make your home safe and secure, thoroughly and easily. For any queries, you can reach us at +91-9108001821 or email us at
SECURE is simple to install and use. You may access the user guide given here for step-by-step instructions. If you have any questions, check out our FAQs given at the link here.

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