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Silvan BOARD simplifies the setup of your meeting rooms to the touch of a button.

Conference Rooms play a vital role to your business, be it impressing your clients with it’s ambiance and controls or having an internal meeting with your team without disruptions. As the world around you shapes itself by using cutting edge technology Silvan BOARD brings to you that one upgrade which you need and deserve for your conference rooms. Our ease to use intuitive interface integrates all the devices and light fixtures within the meeting room in a seamless manner and give you one touch controls over the climate, presentations and lighting of your conference rooms.

Conference Room - Smart Touchscreen

Keep a tablet with control app on the desk of your conference room and the Silvan control the entire conference room with ease. You are just a click away from starting a power-packed presentation.


Air Conditioner

Projector Control

Curtain Control

TV Control

A complete package for

your Conference room

Our solutions integrate with your existing ACs, TVs, Curtains, Lights, other devices to give you complete control over their operations. You can define Presets such as Presentation, Meeting, Video Conferencing etc based on your convenience and also change them later depending on your time to time needs.

Our Modular Solutions enable you to upgrade with new devices in the future seamlessly.


The package is very easy to install and the setup takes 1 day to be installed & configured. There are no wiring changes etc to be made in the conference room. Wherever you are, Silvan’s team and our partner network is there to support you at all times.

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