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Unwire your home

Our products provide robust, time tested home automation experience that give you control of your home.

Gain access and control of relevant aspects of your home using our smart & simple mobile app.

Personalize the light, temperature and ambiance of your home through Alexa or our native app.

Simple, easy to use AI tools enable you to manage your home effortlessly.

Smart light your home

Our Lumos wireless lighting solution allows you to control all the lights in your home from a single application on your phone. It works on multiple phones — your family can control the lights in your home and turn them on and off without moving out of their comfortable chairs, sofas and beds.

You don’t need a smart bulb or switch – our solution lets you keep the same old bulbs that you already use. And don’t fret – Lumos can be retro-fitted to your home’s needs, and our specialists will help you to install this solution.

Temperature Control

Our Sirus AC control module allows you to control the temperature of your homes through an Alexa Voice Interface or through a simple finger tap on your mobile phone, remotely from miles away, from another state or even from another country.

You can also schedule your A/C appliances to turn on and off based on your comfort levels, expected time of arrival at your home, and other relevant parameters.

Your curtains at your fingertips

Our Sirel relay control module adds control to your curtains at your fingertips. You can turn your curtains on/off and gain the ability to manage the flow of light through your smart phone. Or, you can simply ask Alexa to turn the curtains to open or close.

We made it truly easy for you to take a nap on an afternoon by commanding alexa to close the curtain and keep the sun out.

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