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Polycab India Ltd, the largest manufacturer of Wires and Cables in India and one of the fastest growing players in FMEG space, acquires 100% stake in Silvan Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd.

We create automation solutions

Founded in 2008, Silvan is a technology company focused on providing automation solutions for homes, offices and hotels.
We pioneered the concept of home automation in the residential building market. Our products and solutions have been welcomed by many of the major players — Sobha, Total Environment, Nambiar Builders, Tata Housing and Lodha to name a few.
While deepening our automation products for builders as well as end- customers, we have introduced products to simplify various aspects of office automation.
We have our own offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, NCR, Jaipur and Surat in India. Our sales partners are spread across most of the major cities in India. Silvan is deeply committed to customer satisfaction.

Meet the Founders

Our founders are passionate technologists with deep expertise & experience in automation.

An expert in programming paradigms and technologies, and managing multi-location product development teams, he handles everything related to engineering and operations.

Chief Business Officer

An experienced professional in software engineering and business development, he leads the new product development initiatives at Silvan, and is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the company.

Chief Technology Officer

With three US patents in audio processing, image quality enhancement, and media drivers, and 21 years of experience in embedded systems design, he is the brains behind Silvan’s indigenous Smart Home System.

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