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Scheduling and dimming Controls for Lights across all areas of the facility based on Lux and Occupancy

Temperature, Humidity, CO2, monitoring for effective decision making in terms of energy utilization Energy Monitoring and consumption trends

Rules Engine for Automated Management Monitoring and Alarms Dashboard with Quick Scenarios

Current Consumption patterns of the devices Helps locate unusual current consumption patterns to locate problem areas

Temperature Trends over time of the day, weekday, months Gives inputs to IoT Building Manager Rules Engine for Efficient Temperature Controls

Energy Usage Trends over time of the day, weekday, months Helps enable smart decisions based on the energy consumption patterns




Can be installed using your existing fixtures on fall ceiling

Wireless controls to enable seamless placement of devices irrespective of Original writing

Modules designed for standard backboxes and talk to the other devices wirelessly

Module Solution with distributed architechture for better reliability

Easy to Configure

Configuration is simple and can be done OTA

Adapts to your needs

New Devices/Features can be added to the system based on future requirements.

Seamless Programming

Programming can be done by the user at their end to suit the change in requirements.


Rides on your network as per your IT Guidelines

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