While designing an Indian home, there are two worlds to consider – a traditional one which relies on elements such as Vaastu and Feng Shui, and a modern one which demands the installation of futuristic gadgets and devices. Silvan presents a winning solution that combines the best of both worlds.

Read on to know more about how designing a home with Silvan solutions can give you that edge.

Building experience

As an architect, you aim to ensure the delivery of not just a brilliant design, but an exceptional experience as well. Silvan systems act as an important component in making sure this goal is accomplished.

Intelligent Design

Silvan’s seamless infusion of day-to-day living and intelligent designs that are relevant to today’s technological advances can be a great asset while designing a home for the modern Indian customer.


Working with Silvan will ensure that you design superior infrastructure that has the ability to keep pace with the tremendous advances in technology. You can help deliver a design that is modern and sophisticated.


The modern Indian wants a blend of futuristic and traditional appliances when it comes to Home Automation. Silvan systems makes it easy for people belonging to all age groups to use our products and installations. We bring to you the perfect blend of traditional on/off switches and new-age smart technology.

Silvan’s automation systems promise you a hassle-free, safe and secure lifestyle.

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Build a home or a community with our solutions and stay ahead of the curve.

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Become a part of our network and ensure reliable and dependable delivery.

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Add class and differentiation to your design with Silvan’s assistance.

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