Home Owners

Silvan brings a simple home automation system with smartness that smoothly blends in your day to day life and activities making life simple and more convenient.

Designed with care
Each product has been designed keeping an Indian household in mind. Our aim is to help families become ‘smart families’ through automation while preserving the traditional way of doing things.

Witness a day in the life of a Silvan Smart Family

Have the perfect morning, every time

Wake up to your choice of morning music as the lights on the terrace and balcony are switched off and the geyser is switched on. As you sip your morning tea the house is disarmed and all sensors are automatically switched off.

Leave your home, tension free

As you leave for work the house is armed and all sensors are switched on and all lights and fans are switched off automatically, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Always be prepared

Your guests arrived but you are still stuck in traffic? Simply unlock the front door remotely and them into your home. The security system disarms itself and lights and fans are turned on to make your guests feel welcome.

Create the perfect atmosphere

Wow your guests by playing music in different zones of your home and even synchronize the lighting according to your mood, all from your smart device. Giving you more time to socialize with you friends.

Go to sleep, completely at peace

After a long tiring day, retire for the night knowing that all lights and fans have been switched off and all security sensors have been activated and your home is armed against any intrusions.

Key Benefits

All solutions under one brand – Silvan

  • Integrated approach – Single common platform for different devices
  • Communication – Across various devices and services
  • Upgrades – Add solutions as per your convenience

Solutions for every home

  • Every lifestyle – Convenience, Safety, Luxury
  • Every stage of home – Under construction, Pre-move in, Already living in
  • Every type of home – Apartments, Villas, Independent homes

Futuristic solutions – App-less solutions

  • Voice based
  • Gesture based
  • Logic based - ITTT (If this then that)
  • Location based
  • Analytics based

Common features for all solutions

  • Remote control through smart devices
  • Modern yet traditional
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Multiple device enabled
  • Quick and fast installation

Silvan’s automation systems promise you a hassle-free, safe and secure lifestyle.

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