Enhanced Retail Experience With Silvan Automation Products

Retail showrooms all over the world are looking for following features to be enabled in their stores like
  1. Enhancing the customer experience and providing them some unique experiences whenever the customers visit the stores.
  2. Security of Stores from thefts, breakins from inside staff and as well as customers as well as monitoring all the data from central location is another important aspect which every store incharge looks for.
  3. Energy management and optimization with effectively using the automation to control lights, AC differently in peak -non peak hours or crowded-non crowded areas of stores is needed.
  4. Maintaining uniformity in stores throughout to create a brand and uniform experience for customers.
  5. Collecting customers data on behaviours like how is their movement and interest or time spent in and around various counters and products in stores and optimising resources accordingly.

All above solutions though are available, but the store owners need to provide different separate solutions for different requirements. The need of hour is to provide integrated solutions which work across the above requirements and also integrate with 3rd party products.

The recently launched Silvan products, Secure, Lumos, SIRUS and zPly enable exciting opportunities in enhancing security, experience and energy management of retail stores in automated and effective manner.
Secure can be used to effective secure the stores against intrusions. Its unique ability to ability to pair a sensor with cameras enable quick look at the scene of event to check what is going. IPSM enables centralised monitoring of all retail chains from central location.

Lumos enables interesting lighting experiences as described below as well as effective means to conserve energy consumed in lighting retail chains. SIRUS adds smartness at AC control and power consumption. Its ability to be controlled remotely enables centralised control all stores in a chain to create uniformity of experience across the entire chain.

zPly is interesting way to create unique customer experiences through sounds and music in a retail store.

Following are some of the use cases enabled by these products for retail stores:
  1. Secure the entire shop against intrusions along with centralised monitoring through IPSM. Pairing of sensors with IP cameras to enable quick diagnostics
  2. Lights and AC automatically switched off when shop is “armed”
  3. Selected lights switched on when shop is “armed” and any sensors trigger
  4. Lights and AC are scheduled based on time-of-day
  5. Lights dimming level adjusted based on occupancy and time-of-day
  6. Lights colour adjusted based on time-of-day
  7. AC Control (On/Off) based on time-of-day
  8. Play different music in different zones based on time-of-day and occupancy in that area

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