Smart Lighting Solutions

Lighting industry has gone a long way from incandescent bulbs , fluorescent tubelights to CFL bulbs and now to LED lights. The industry has also matured with respect to looking at “lighting” as a very powerful design element architecturally. The illumination level, colour, temperature , intensity, diffusion are various factors of “lighting” which are taken into consideration by architects and light consultants to design an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Lighting affects our mood, productivity and over all health & wellbeing. The professional guides and consultants work in creating right ambient light for different spaces in homes according to the usages of the spaces like living area, study, kitchen, outdoor areas, bathroom, etc. Today we can change and control dimming levels of lights by changing intensity, can change colours to white, yellow etc. or can change colour temperatures to warm, cool, neutral as per the requirement and features available.

Sometimes changing above parameters becomes a tedious task on daily basis. Hence automation plays an important role in playing around various features provided through presets or moods configuration. Silvan provides control and configurations of all these complex parameters with one touch of button through smart interfaces as well as conventional switches.

Life is beautiful with automated lighting solutions by Silvan

Our automation system provides following enhancement to your lighting schemes
  1. Create Perfect Ambience
  2. Enhance Home Security
  3. Entertainment/Party
  4. Energy Savings
  5. Convenience and Peace of Mind with remote operation

Areawise Lighting parameter and Automation Considerations

Living Room / Family Room

A variety of activities take place in living room areas like entertainment, TV watching, reading, Party, meeting, guests. Creating presets and moods in such area with combination of various lights state as On/Off, or different dimming level brings out the power of automation system to create perfect ambience as well as impress your guests.

Dining Area

Dining Area is generally provided with beautiful and functional lights. Automation system will allow to create a well lit dining area to creating an ambiance of romantic candle light dinner


Kitchens are slowly becoming multi-use room and have always been heart of the home. Kitchen has many other electrical appliances like Mixer grinder, Microwave oven, Rice cooker with each appliance having its own corner with accessory utensils. One touch on present button can bring the appliance and area to light and life with Silvan Automation system


In bedrooms lighting should be flexible for different moods using combination of ambient and tasks lights. Silvan automation system provides two way automation with bedside smart switches dimmers available for various present moods and scenes.

Bathrooms, Stair case, Foyer

Safety, function and aesthetics are main concerns when designing lighting for bathrooms. They should be well lit during night time too. Occupancy based lighting solutions are provided by us for bathrooms. They automatically switch on when there is a motion due to someone's presence and get switched off automatically when the person has gone. Ideal for bathrooms, kitchen and stairs. They help in energy savings due to there automatic Switch ON/OFF operation.

Study or Home Office

Study or home office are becoming common and mostly used areas in home nowadays and a good ambient lighting system is generally designed. Silvan offers a good combination of control of lights, AC, Curtains with one touch to create a perfect working or study moods in such areas

Outdoor and Terrace lights

Outdoor areas or terraces and balcony lights should be well lit during require times like evening and nights. The automation of these lights is very necessary to allow you to Switch then On/Off remotely as well as scheduling them for automatic On/Off at desired timings thus saving on energy. The other important consideration for automating these area lights is for safety and security purposes making house look occupied even if members are on holiday somewhere far by remotely operating such lights

Technical Design consideration of Lighting

For many decades, halogen & incandescent lights have been only reliable options for lighting control. However recent developments have made CFL & LEDs affordable. These lights are available in different shapes and sizes. Most of these lights can be dimmed either via dedicated Ballast or directly. When you are designing the light automation system, you may end-up paying for more components than just lights.

Type of Lights to be controlled

Incandescent light

It's a typical 230V light bulb. It is available in different watt. It is less costly than other lighting options but consumes more power than other options

CFL Bulb

This kind of bulbs are also very popular and has become affordable recently. These bulbs are available in various size, dimming/non-dimming options etc. Compared to general incandescent lamps giving the same amount of visible light, CFLs use one-fifth to one-third the electric power, and last eight to fifteen times longer.

LED Light

These lights are becoming popular because of lower energy consumption, longer life and safer operation. These lights are also available in different options. LED lights are more expensive than CFLs but consumes less power and lasts longer.

Type of interfaces options


The manual control of the lights co-exist with the automation control. Switch On/Off the lights through rocker switches when in the vicinity of switch board


These wall mounted options are provided for easy control of the lights.


Control – On/Off and Dim your lights from your Smart Devices through the App


Voice command can be given through Amazon Echo for switching On/Off or dimming of the lights. Scheduling of moods can be done by switching On/Off or dimming the lights

Kind of control - Only On/Off , On/Off and Dimming

Silvan system is capable of providing On/Off of all kinds of lights and does the 0-10 V Analog Dimming as well as 230V Triac Dimming

Silvan Light Controller Modules

DM4412 / DM4412 w

  1. Independent dimming of fluorescent lamps, LEDs and CFLs through Multipoint 0-10V dimmable ballast controller.
  2. Independent ON/OFF Control of Four Channels.
  3. Non- dimmable lamps or Home Appliances can also be connected as Loads.

LM 4311 / DM4420

  1. Provides 4 channels independent dimming.
  2. It can also provide dimming functionality directly to Halogen / incandescent lights or to LED lights via phase-cut ballasts
  3. Switch interface for two way switches.

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