Hotel and Guest Room Automation

Hotel Guest Room Automation

Objective of the automation is to enhance guest experience in terms of convenience and hence we offer a very simple system. No usage complexity and solving real convenience need of the guests and provides that extra "oomph" experience with the latest in technology.  All the regular modes of operating the room using switches, remotes and thermostats are retained, so there is no confusion to guests when they enter the room.

Smart and Intuitive Interface – Scene Keypad

Smart Intuitive feather touch Keypad for controls – Enable control of all the lights, AC, TV and Blind from bedside Smart Scenario pad which can have settings like "All Off", "Watch TV" and any the preset settings

  • If the guest presses "All Off", all the lights and TV will go Off. But he can switch on any light by pressing the respective switches. The switches and automation will con-exist in true two way manner.
  • if the guess presses "watch TV", the room can be setup in a light combination conducive to watching TV and the TV will be switched on automatically
  • Similarly we can decide other presets and make the part of the bed-side Scene pad

Ultimate Convenience – Voice Command Based Automation

Use voice commands to control devices when sleepy, and easy access to channels (aka "Alexa take me to NDTV") So the guests can talk to the system for following:

  • Alexa switch off all lights
  • Alexa close the blinds
  • Alexa change AC temperature to 24 degrees
  • Alexa take to NDTV Channel on TV

In Room Automation Devices controls

Devices Controlled

  1. Lights Control - Lights can be controlled as On/Off, Dimming and scenes through the Scene Keypad
  2. AC Control - AC ON/OFF, Temperature Up/Down and Fan Speed Control possible through the Automation System via IR remote mapping.
  3. Curtain Controls - Curtains will be put under control through Automation System. Curtain Close/Open.
  4. Entrance Lock Opening - The Lock at the door can be opened by pressing the Door Open button on scene keypad or voice comamnd
  5. Occupancy sensor based lights - These are Passive Infra Red sensors which automatically switch on when there is a motion due to someone's presence and get switched off automatically when the person has gone in foyer area.
  6. Do Not Disturb, Clean My room and Make my laundry - The commands can be enabled from inside the room as well as from the touch pad which will lit up the corresponding item in outdoor panel


Entertainment System - Play music stored on your phone through your iphone

Music playing

  • Play your iphone music on TV speakers
  • Play your iphone videos/movies on TV 
  • Play you tube on TV
  • See your iphone photos on TV

Interactive Media Play

  • Content will be stored centrally in NAS by hotel management and will be played  by room residents in TV using the mouse provided for the navigation.
  • Pre-requisite is router needed in each room connected physically to the zply

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