• Once the LUMOS configuration is done, go to Home page on the App.
  • Key in the CUBO IP address, which was configured in earlier steps and click Connect.
  • Click on “HUB Configuration”.
  • Click on GUI Configuration.
  • Click on Area Configuration
  • In area configuration we can configure the LUMOS using MAC ID

Steps to Configure Areas

  • Mention the area being configured under Area name tab
  • Select MAC ID (for that area) from drop down box.
  • Select the device ID from device drop-down box. (each individual LUMOS will be given separate device ID).
  • Select the device Channel from drop down box.
  • Then select type as Switching/Dimming from drop down box.
  • Select level (only for dimming devices).
  • Select level (only for dimming devices).
  • Give the desired names for each channel.
  • After configuring the system click on “Save” button.
  • Same steps to be repeated for each Area one by one.

Edit Configuration Page

  • Open CUBO Config Tool App.
  • Click on Edit GUI Configuration tab.
  • On the left side of the screen, list of configured areas’ names will appear.
  • Select the particular area to edit the configuration.
  • To delete the complete room configuration, click on “Delete Room” button.
  • To check the applied changes, refresh the page.

SMS and ID Configuration

  • Open CUBO Config Tool App.
  • Click on Settings tab.
  • Under SMS & ID Tab, we can see two fields – System ID and Health info.
  • Health info mobile number is required to get the reboot and CUBO health check SMS.
  • Click on save button, the information will be saved on the HUB.