Configuration of Home Automation App

  • Download and install “SUHANS” App on the smart device(s)
  • Configuring SUHANS App
    • Open the “SUHANS” app.
    • Click on Menu button and select IP Settings.
  • Enter the “IP” credentials of CUBO.
  • Press Done after entering the IP details
  • Once the IP Address is successfully configured in the App, click on “Yes”.

Adding admin/user

  • The admin has to be created in CUBO.
  • Open browser in hand held device & type < CUBO_IP >/addAdmin.html For Ex:
  • In this page we can see 3-fields as Name, Email address and Phone number.
  • Enter the above credentials.
  • If entering the credentials for the first time, then that particular Name/Email will be considered as Admin of the app/system. Admin will be capable of adding/deleting users.
  • Press Submit.
  • Open App & enter the IP details initially.
  • After Success it will ask to add admin details.
  • Enter the same credentials of admin as entered in the browser & click ‘Submit’.
  • A passcode will be generated and will be sent to your mobile no.
  • Enter the Passcode which you receive as flash SMS.
  • Re-enter the passcode for confirmation to login to the app.
  • After entering the Passcode, “dashboard view” of the system will come.

Dashboard view

  • Click Menu & select Home Automation tab.
  • Click on the “Area” to view the list of lights connected in that area.
  • Clicking on particular light, it will toggle the state of the physical light & update the status in the app.
  • Blue colour indicates that the light is in OFF state. Green colour indicates that light is in ON state.


  • Moods are used to switch ON/OFF a group of lights associated in the particular area of your home.
  • The app has 5 different type of moods i.e.
    Master ON, Master OFF, Morning, Evening, Dinner.
  • By clicking on the particular mood
    E.g.: Clicking on Master On will switch ON all the lights in the Living area.
  • The moods can be configured in the settings page which is shown below.


  • Settings page will give you the access for configuring and scheduling moods and Info about the system.

Configuring Moods

  • Click on Moods in setting page to configure the moods.
  • By clicking on Moods, you will get the option of configuring and scheduling the moods.
  • Click on the particular room to configure the moods.
  • Once we select the room, click on the particular mood as Master On, Master Off, Morning, Evening or Dinner.
  • Select the lights and dimmers to configure for the particular room. Ex. Light-3, Light-4 are for ON status, Light-5, Light-6 are Off
  • After configuring the lights and dimmers click on “Apply” button. Once applied, we will receive the Success message as “Saving Configuration”.

Scheduling Moods

  • Under moods section user can schedule a particular mood to be executed without physically doing so. Eg.: Switch “ON” Living Area lights at 6.00 PM at evening every day.
  • After Configuration, click on the next tab to schedule the lights of the particular area.
  • Select the mood as Master On, Master Off and Select the date, Select the time click on Apply Daily/Apply Once the mood will be applied to the particular date and time.
  • User can view the scheduled status of moods for different timings & date.