Link Cameras

  1. Install IP cameras following the procedure given in the manufacturer’s installation manual. Provide the user name as “admin” and password as “admin”. The list of supported IP cameras is given in the website.
  2. Use the Dynamic DNS (DynDNS) procedure given by the camera manufacturer, to get a Dynamic DNS name registered for your home router.
  3. Configure your router to forward the ports of the cameras. Refer the manual of your router for details.

Touch the slider bar and select the 'LINK CAMERA' option.

Select the sensor type

Click on the '+' button next to the sensor type.

Select the sensor

Click on the 'LINK' icon beside the sensor that you want to link the camera with. Then select the 'SEARCH' icon.

Search for cameras

  1. This will start searching the local network for cameras and a mosaic of camera views will be shown.
  2. Select a camera to be linked by clicking on the “Link” button next to one of the cameras shown in the mosaic.

Select a camera

  1. Click on the same sensor in the “Link Camera” page.
  2. Modify the URL suitably with the Dynamic DNS (DynDNS) address that you had obtained for your home router.
  3. Click on the “Link” icon. Then confirm by clicking on “Yes” in the popup.

See all linked cameras

Touch the 'Eye' icon on the top row. This shows the videos from all the cameras linked with the sensors.

Zoom into a camera

To view the zoomed video from any camera, click on the video of the camera in the mosaic view.