Drill fixing holes

  1. Identify a suitable place on the wall with an AC supply point nearby. This location must have good Wi-Fi coverage from your home router.
  2. Drill two holes on the wall using the drill template provided in the end of this manual.
  3. Fix the wall plugs and the screws.

Open the top cover

Remove the top cover of SECURE carefully.

Insert battery & jumper

  1. Insert battery in the slot with the correct orientation.
  2. Insert a jumper at position JP2. This position is circled in the above photo.
  3. Close the cover.

Attach power cord

Insert the power cord through the appropriate groove on the bottom side of SECURE. Open the screw on each terminal fully and insert :

  1. RED wire to the terminal “L”.
  2. BLACK wire to the terminal “N”.
  3. GREEN wire to the terminal “E”.

Tighten the terminals adequately so that the wires are firmly held.


  1. Fix SECURE on the wall and power it up.
  2. Let the battery charge for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Press the Reset button (circled in RED above) using a pin. This starts the process to connect SECURE with your home router.