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You may now add different kinds of sensors by clicking on the + button in front of each sensor type.

In this manual, we will show you how to add wireless door intrusion sensors. You may follow a similar procedure to add other kinds of sensors or keyfobs.

Begin with door sensors

Fix the wireless door intrusion sensors on the door and frame by following the procedure given in its installation sheet. Click on "Door Sensor" in the “Review Home” screen. Keep the door sensor and its counterpart magnet together.

Start Pairing

Now click on 'ADD' button and press the 'START' button on the following page.

Trigger the sensor

  1. As the progress wheel rotates, trigger the sensor by moving the door sensor away from its counterpart.
  2. SECURE will then recognize this as a sensor and the progress wheel will be replaced by the 'CONFIRM' button.

Name the sensor

  1. When the 'CONFIRM' button appears, give a name for the sensor and click on the 'OK' button.
  2. Continue to add more door sensors in the same manner.
  3. Click on the 'Done with Door Sensors' when all door sensors have been added.

Add all other sensors

  1. Follow the same steps to add all the other types of sensors and keyfobs. Use the trigger method mentioned by the respective manufacturers.
  2. Press the 'DONE' button once all the sensors have been added successfully.