Configuration of LUMOS

Open the “CUBO Config Tool” App.

  • Click on LUMOS Setting button at the bottom centre of the landing page, you will reach the LUMOS configuration page
  • Enter the IP address of CUBO (Configured in CUBO Network Configuration).
  • Enter Home Wi-Fi Router password then click on ‘save’ button. Wi-Fi SSID will be automatically entered.
  • Click Scan “OM”devices.
  • It will search for un-configured LUMOS devices nearby in the network and show the list of all OM devices in the network.
    Eg: OM_5ccf7af5a8c
  • Click Connect & it will ask for confirmation pop-up.
  • Before clicking on “OK”, during this process current Wi-Fi will disconnect and establishment of new Wi-Fi (Un-configured LUMOS MAC ID will be there as SSID) connection will happen.
  • Click on “OK” button after LUMOS gets connected as SSID
  • After clicking on “OK”, the Wi-Fi network will disconnect. One has to manually go to Wi-Fi settings and connect to the Home Wi-Fi Network.
  • Now the device is registered to your WiFi Network.
  • Click Scan all devices.
  • It will show the list of devices registered in the network in the format of OR_143. This means that the device is successfully registered to the Home Network.
  • A list of “OR” devices will appear on screen with the option “More” and “Action”. List will also have the information of signal strength and firmware version.
  • Click on “More” to get the details of particular LUMOS.
  • After clicking on “More” current configured CUBO IP and LUMOS MAC ID will appear.
    Ex. If we click on more for OR_4 it will display the following configuration.
  • After getting the details of LUMOS, click on ACTION to configure the particular LUMOS with CUBO.
  • Check for all the LUMOS, referring to the MAC ID sheet prepared during the installation and if some devices are not visible on the App, move to a nearby place for those particular LUMOS location and repeat the above steps
  • Click (x) in the right top corner to close the page.
With the above process all the LUMOS are configured to the network & registered to CUBO.

Post these steps, we need to configure the devices with the complete system.
For configuration steps please click on the link below:
System Integration

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