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Silvan's project series system consists of a central Home Automation controller and various control modules and interfaces modules which connect to different controlled devices like lights, switches, AC, curtains motors, sensors, door locks, cameras etc to allow an Integrated Home Automation System. The system generally caters to new homes as it is wired system. This is a very versatile system and can cater to huge homes requirement and connects to many 3rd party devices across many brands and interfaces like IP, RS384, RS232 etc. It is has very open standards and is capable to work with several protocols like Modbus, Bacnet, IR, IP, Zigbee, WiFi etc.

Home Automation Controller - HA2020

  • Versatile home automation controller with multiple interfaces.
  • Low power, compact size with embedded Linux.
  • Built-in network solutions to connect wired and wireless IP devices like IP Cameras, Media Servers etc .
  • Isolated Input and Outputs for device control like sensors, curtains, sprinklers, appliances etc.
  • RS-485 bus with open protocol to interface to Silvan’s lighting control modules, scene control modules as well as other 3rd party devices.
  • Built-in secure web server to connect with controlling user interface devices.
  • Physical Dimensions: 144 mm (L) X 162 mm (W) X 57 mm (D).

4-channel, 0-10V dimmer with True 2 Way Switching - DM4412

  • Independent dimming of fluorescent lamps, LEDs and CFLs through Multipoint 0-10V dimmable ballast controller.
  • Independent ON/OFF Control of Four Channels.
  • Non- dimmable lamps or Home Appliances can also be connected as Loads.
  • Controlled from Silvan Home Automation Controller (HA2020).
  • Uses Industry Standard Modbus protocol over an RS-485 link.
  • Allows control of Appliances from Standard rocker switches.
  • Physical dimensions: 128 mm (L) x 73 mm (W) x 32 mm (D).
  • Wall Mountable.

4-channel light Control module - LM4310

  • Independent Control of Four Channel Appliance ON/OFF
  • Allows control of appliances from a home automation controller or from standard rocker switches.
  • Controlled From Silvan Home Automation Controller (HA2020).
  • Uses Industry Standard Modbus protocol over an RS-485 link.
  • Physical Dimensions: 70mm (L) X 105mm (W) X 40mm (D).
  • Provides a maximum of 2A per channel
  • Wall Mountable Type Module.

Light module for 3-way switching - LM4311

  • Light Dimmer Controller - Illumination Control of Incandescent lamps.
  • Provides 4 channels independent dimming.
  • Switch interface for two way switching.
  • Controlled From Silvan Home Automation Controller (HA2020).
  • Uses Industry Standard Modbus protocol over an RS-485 link.
  • Overload Protection.
  • Physical Dimensions: 103mm (L) X 104mm (W) X 25.6mm (D)
  • Wall Mountable type Module.

Power Pack PS 8210

  • Power Supply Unit with provision for external battery backup.
  • Compact unit with a total output capacity of 48W.
  • Provides 12V DC output through 12 terminal block pairs.
  • Can be connected to an external Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery to provide Power backup during power failure.
  • Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery provides 5 minutes of power backup at full load
  • Physical Dimensions: 195mm (L) X 125mm (W) X 40mm (D).
  • LED Indication.

Scene Controller Interface Module – AC 9004

  • AC 9004 interfaces Scene Control Devices (SCD) and IR-controlled devices to the Silvan Home Automation controller (HA 2020).
  • 7 scene control devices can be connected to the AC 9004.
  • 4 IR-controlled devices can be connected to the AC 9004.
  • Communicates with the Silvan Home Automation Controller (HA2020) using industry standard Modbus protocol over an RS-485 link.
  • Can be installed on a 35-mm DIN rail.
I/O Controller module – AC 9005
  • Multichannel Digital I/O controller
  • Provides 8 independent digital inputs, 8 independent digital outputs and 4 IR emitter outputs
  • Uses industry standard Modbus protocol over an RS-485 link
  • Physical Dimensions: 90mm (L) X 88mm (W) X 58mm (D).
  • Can be installed on a 35-mm DIN rail.
Scene Controller
  • Intelligent touch panel can make the lighting, acoustic appliance, electrical curtain system and other device work together under the function of scene control, bringing easy life to your home.
  • Scene Key : Use the scene key to control different scene for switches in a BUS group
  • Customised symbol : Symbol and Word Changeable
  • Dark back light : Dark back light to make visible in dark
  • Safety : the control part is weak electricity
  • Multi-control : Touch on the switch, remote control and BUS group networking control
  • Easy repair : the breakdown of one switch won’t affect others in a BUS group

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