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Consumer Series Products

Silvan's consumer series products are simple to install and use. They are wireless WiFi based solutions and can be used in any homes (either new or Retro fit requirements). They are stand alone product making the life of consumer, smart and convenient in one particular aspect of automation say Entrance Management, Security Solutions or Life Style Solutions. The solutions can be taken as single solution and can be added as and when required.

Home Automation Hub

CUBO is a sleek CFY (Customized for You) home automation hub. When used along with companion devices like Lumos, it enables control of your lights, fans etc. within your home using your smart devices from anywhere in the world.
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Wireless Light Control Module

LUMOS is a wireless Lighting Control Module used for controlling lights and fans. The app accesses LUMOS though the Home Automation Hub (CUBO) over the home’s Wi-Fi network. LUMOS enables you to control your lights and fans either through an App or through conventional switches. Its unique architecture enables a completely fault-tolerant system.
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Wireless AC Control Module


Wireless Programmable Relay Control Module


Wireless Smart Switch


Digital Music Zoning System

zPLY is a digital music zoning system with which you can play your music anywhere in the house with just your smart device. Access all your music on the central music bank through the zPLY App and choose to play it through any speakers in your house!
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Wireless Security System

SECURE is a new age wireless security system which uses the power of internet to give you and your family a rapid response to any threat to your home and loved ones. Unlike in traditional systems, you may now use your smart phone or tablet to control and monitor your home from anywhere. SECURE also allows you to take the help of your trusted friends to secure your home. With its sleek looks it fits well into your living space.
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Wi-Fi Video Door Bell

CBELL is a new age wireless video door bell system which allows you to view and monitor your home main door. You can receive your visitors and view and talk to them through your smart devices from anywhere in the world.
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