View the Dashboard

The dashboard shows the status of the added sensors, the current activated profile and the alert status of SECURE.

Change profile

To change the profile, touch the currently active profile. You can choose one of the profiles from the drop-down list.

Receive alerts

If any of the active sensors in the current profile get triggered, you will receive a notification.

When you touch on a notification, the app prompts you for the 4-digit PIN. The dashboard opens up and you can see the cause of the alert..

Acknowledge alerts

Once you have investigated the status, you may acknowledge the alert by touching on the 'ALERT' icon.

View connection status

The 'CONNECTED' icon at the top of the screen shows if the SECURE has a connection to the Internet server.

View status indications

You may know the power status of SECURE by touching on the 'CONNECTED' icon.

This also shows if the wireless hooter is paired with SECURE.

Touch the SECURE text at the top of the page to return to the dashboard.

View a camera

  1. If a camera is linked to a sensor, you will see a small circular icon indicating this to the left of the icon of the sensor.
  2. To see the camera feed associated with a sensor, click on the sensor icon.